BFFs 40% Lifetime Discount

Wouldn’t you just love to tag along with a group of hot best friends as they set off on a debauchery filled weekend of girl on girl action, group sex and naked board games? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get to do as a member of! With each new update, you’ll follow a different group of besties as they go wild and crazy like college girls on spring break!

If you’re looking for a BFFs discount that won’t expire after the first month, you’re in luck! We’ve arranged a 40% lifetime discount which will save you $10 for each month you remain an active member of the site. Another option available to you, which you will see on the sign up page, is the 1 year subscription for $95.76. If you select this membership plan your average monthly price works out to just $7.98.

Regular price: $24.87

Discount: 40%

New price: $14.87

Yearly price: $95.76 ($7.98/month)

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